Thu Jul 4, 2024

Mini-workshop on Coherent Ising Machines & HoloCIM project

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We successfully hosted a Mini-workshop on Coherent Ising Machines and the HoloCIM project on July 4, 2024, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The event featured insightful presentations, technical demonstrations, and productive discussions on the latest advancements in Ising Machine technology:

- HoloCIM Overview by Symeon Tsintzos (UBITECH)
- Ising Model & Spatial Ising Machine: Principles, and Functionalities by Symeon Tsintzos (UBITECH)
- HoloCIM Technical Overview and Demonstration by Symeon Tsintzos (UBITECH) and Moysis Symeonidis (UCY/CS)
- HoloCIM Conceptualization & HoloCIM Ising Machine Hardware by Alexis Askitopoulos (UBITECH)
- HoloCIM Service Offering Implementation, Cloudification, and Piloting by Moysis Symeonidis (UCY/CS)
- Current Guest’s Research Status on CIMs & Future Directions by Ioannis Krikidis (UCY/ECE)
- Physics Lab Tour and Spatial Ising Machine Presentation by Kyriacos Georgiou (UCY/PHY)

A big thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the engaging and collaborative atmosphere!