Wed Jul 10, 2024

eRACE extensible Retrieval Annotation Caching Engine

It is an Internet-based, distributed server, developed with Java, Servlets, and Concordia , the Java-based Mobile Agent technology by Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center. eRACE collects information from heterogeneous Internet sources and protocols (Web, email, newsgroups) according to prespecified user profiles and interests. Information collected is annotated according to user profiles, encoded with a eRACE-XML grammar, and cached in eRACE's object cache. Within eRACE, an alerting server takes care of disseminating cached information to users, according to their profiles and priorities. eRACE supports both push and pull models of information provision. It is a generalization and extension of previous work on FIGI, the Financial Information Gathering Infrastructure. FIGI was an Internet-based system that helps investors collect, filter, combine and integrate portfolio-related information provided through various Internet services like World-Wide Web sites and Web-databases.


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