Thu Jun 20, 2019

ARRANGE-ICT: Events in Cyprus - E1. May-June 2019

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E1: Transnational Workshop on the Smart Job Hub - Specifications and Potentials

The E1: Multiplier event was hosted by the University of Cyprus during the months of May and June 2019. The event consisted of 3 sessions aiming at having the highest outreach as possible in Cyprus. The events brought together participants from 11 countries, USA, France, Korea, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Spain, Japan, Cyprus, Brazil, Italy.


E1 Multiplier event:

1) Poster session: Smart Job Hub - Specifications and Potentials (15/05/19)

2) Smart Job Hub: ICT Megatrends –cloud computing (16/05/19)

3) Tech Talk for specialisedskills – ICT-Trends: cloud computing (18/06/19)


First two sessions hosted at the IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid2019) 15-17/05/19

I) Poster session: Smart Job Hub - Specifications and Potentials

* Covered the presentation of the Smart Job Hub at its earliest stage (session I)

II) Panel: "New Generation Cloud Computing: Challenges and Future Directions”

Subject: Smart Job Hub ICT Megatrends – cloud computing

* Aimed at highlighting the speciliased skills needed by ICT graduates in an emerging, fast developing ICT field - cloud computing (session II)

Third session hosted at the University of Cyprus

III) Tech Talks - Google Developers Group

Subject: ICT-Trends:  Specialised skills in cloud computing

* Provided a Technical Talk on ICT-Trend: cloud computing with the expertise of the Google Developer Group addressing ICT high qualified personnel needs (session III)


AGENDA E1 Multiplier Event (Cyprus)