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Kaj Kolja Kleineberg Profile Page
Kaj Kolja Kleineberg
Structure and Evolution of Social Networks
Universitat de Barcelona
Marian Boguña Espinal
Contact Info
+34 93 402 11 50
Departamento de Física Fundamental Facultad de Física Martí i Franquès, 1 08028 Barcelona, Spain


I graduated with academic distinction in theoretical Physics at the University of Münster, Germany, in summer 2012. My research within the framework of my diploma thesis was based on an innovative approach to complex systems with application to the problem of two-dimensional turbulence. After a short time of working as a consultant for finance and risk management, I joined the iSocial project and moved to the wonderful city of Barcelona. My current research is focused on the modeling and simulation of Online Social Networks.
Complex Networks, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Physics, Social science, Finance
(1) "A 1:1000 scale model of the digital world: Global connectivity can lead to extinction of local networks", arXiv:1504.01368, K. Kleineberg and M. Boguñá.
(2)"Ecology 2.0: Coexistence and Domination among Interacting Networks",arXiv:1410.8865 (Sci. Rep. in press), K. Kleineberg and M. Boguñá.
(3) "Evolution of the Digital Society reveals Balance between Mass Media and Viral Influence", Physical Review X (4) 031046, K. Kleineberg and M. Boguñá.
(4) "Gaussian vortex approximation to the instanton equations of two-dimensional turbulence",Phys. Rev. E 87 3 033007,K. Kleineberg and R. Friedrich.
(5)"Evidence of Distinct Stellar Population in Counterrotating Core of Ngc1700", The Astrophysical Journal Letters, K. Kleineberg et al. 2011 ApJ 732 L33.