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Andrés García García
Postdoc Researcher
IBM Research Lab Haifa
Vita Bortnikov
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Andrés García García started working in the High Performance and Grid Computing Group (GRyCAP) in November 2007 as an undergraduate.
Upon obtaining the bachelor in computer science by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in September, 2008, he joined the group as a graduate under a collaboration fellowship. He obtained the Master Degree in September 2010 with the Master Thesis Cloud computing PaaS Platform - Cloudcompaas. Since then, he continued developing the Cloudcompaas framework specifically towards the field of Service Level Agreements as the subject of his Ph.D. Thesis.
Cloud Computing
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Towards SLA-driven Management of Cloud Infrastructures to Elastically Execute Scientic Applications , Miguel Caballer, Andrés García, Germán Moltó, and Carlos de Alfonso, Ibergrid 2012.
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