iSocial Video Challenge, 01 March - 15 March 2016

Dates for Video Challenge submissions: March 30 - May 15, 2016

iSocial Workshop: Crete, Greece (September 2016)

Social Networking has become a major factor in our everyday lives influencing the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, do business, build relationships and understand society. Many people have used Online Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr etc) to connect with friends and family in distant parts of the world, to make connections that have advanced their careers in leaps and bounds and to explore and visualize not only their own network of friends but the networks of their friends, family, and colleagues.

The main objective of iSocial is to provide world class training for a next generation of researchers, computer scientists, and Web engineers, emphasizing on a strong combination of advanced understanding in both theoretical and experimental approaches, methodologies and tools that are required to develop novel Online Social Networking (OSN) platforms. To foster publicity of the iSocial research activities, we announce a video challenge that will be opened to students of secondary schools and Universities.

Description of the Challenge:

The iSocial Video Challenge provides high school and first-year undergraduate students in Europe with the opportunity to deliver a 2 minutes video in YouTube where the theme is:

"Online Social Networks for Health and Well-being"

The participants are expected to propose a novel way (new features or services) of using OSNs which would benefit the users or society at large. Teams of up to three students are eligible to participate, and videos will be judged by the iSocial consortium.

The videos will be evaluated taking into account the following questions:

- How well is the proposed idea conveyed in the video?

- How novel is the proposed idea?

- What are the benefits of the proposed idea and what functionality does it bring to OSNs?

- How realistic/feasible is to implement the proposed idea to current OSNs?

The winners will be invited to present their idea at the iSocial workshop in conjuction with ESORICS 2016 conference that will take place in Crete, Greece (September 2016). Their expenses (air tickets/accommodation) will be covered by the project.

Submissions are accepted online between March 30 and May 15, 2016. The URL of the video should be sent at:

video challenge poster