IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, 17-20 November 2013, Atlanta, USA


LINC member, Andreas Papadopoulos, presented the paper entitled: "Identifying Clusters with Attribute Homogeneity and Similar Connectivity in Information Networks" in the International Conference on Web Intelligence, WI13. The conference hosted in Atlanta, GA, USA on 17-20 November 2013 and was sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII), Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC), and ACM-SIGART.

Web Intelligence focuses on scientific research and applications by jointly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) (e.g., knowledge representation, planning, knowledge discovery and data mining, intelligent agents, and social network intelligence) and advanced Information Technology (IT) (e.g., wireless networks, ubiquitous devices, social networks, semantic Web, wisdom Web, and data/knowledge grids) for the next generation of Web-empowered products, systems, services, and activities.