Public Release of the CELAR Cloud Application Elasticity Platform



The public release of the CELAR Cloud Application Elasticity Platform is officially available. The Platform allows the user to define deployments of their complex multi-tier distributed application, specify the application specific elasticity constraints and actions to fulfil them, provide the application custom monitoring probes, provision the application on Clouds with one button click and finally let the CELAR Platform to manage and control the scalability lifecycle domain of the application.

CELAR features c-Eclipse GUI for defining application's topology, deployment and elasticity constraints. User application deployments can be defined in any scripting language with an ability to incorporate any of the configuration management systems (Chef, Puppet etc.). For the details on the installation and usage of c-Eclipse check this link.

User can start with an initial multiplicity per nodes in a tier, and when load grows, the different tiers of the application will be scaled up or down accordingly. The decisions for the scaling actions are made based on the evaluation of the metrics coming from VMs and application level probes. CELAR uses JCatascopia for monitoring. Here, one can find the required information on how to write and configure the user application specific monitoring probes.

The decision for scaling action is made by the Decision Making Module (DMM). At the moment, on the IaaS level CELAR supports the following scaling actions:

- add and remove VMs

Any application level actions (e.g., rebalancing of the DB cluster, etc.) can be registered along with the elasticity constraints and the monitoring probes, which will be evaluated and applied accordingly.

The release notes can be found at: