CELAR Plenary and Technical Meeting, 23- 26 September 2014, London, UK

London 2760993a

The CELAR pleanry and technical meeting was hosted by Playgen in London, UK on 23 - 26 September 2015. Consortium partners, UCY, SixSQ, Flexiant, ATHENA, PlayGen, TUW and UNIMAN were present at this meeting.
The event was deemed essential, to work in the effective strategies to follow for the integration of the CELAR components and its applications and for the preparation of a succesfull Y2 review.
LINC presented, the current status and outcomes of WP2 and WP4, and their integration in the CELAR architecture. LINC members engaged to in-depth discussions concerning both the integration of the CELAR system and the CELAR applications.



london celar meeting