Cloud Application Management Framework





The proposal for a new Eclipse project has successfully passed the creation review and c-Eclipse is now an official project under the Eclipse Foundation.

The new project called "Cloud Application Management Framework (CAMF)", leverages the reliable Eclipse platform for offering extensible graphical tools that enable interoperable description of Cloud applications and facilitate lifecycle management operations in a transparent and vendor-neutral manner. CAMF focuses on three distinct management operations, particularly application description, application deployment and application monitoring. To this end, it adopts the OASIS TOSCA open specification for blueprinting and packaging Cloud Applications. In addition it utilizes open-source tool kits such as ApacheĀ® jclouds for portable across-Cloud application deployment, as well as Chef for writing "recipes" that orchestrate application configuration processes upon deployment. Furthermore, CAMF provides the necessary programming interfaces that enable Cloud developers to specify resource adaptation policies and desired actions, as well as various monitoring operations at different levels of an application's structure.


More details about the project and it's scope can be found here