Entrepreneurship at different stages, 27 March 2015



What does a graduate of the University of Cyprus (UCY) do at a multinational firm? What did another graduate of the UCY do at one of the best entrepreneurship programs in Europe? How did a young Cypriot manage to get 1,2 million euros in seed funding in London? What did a Cypriot do at a Boston USA based start up and why did he returned to Cyprus?

The event was held in University of Cyprus, on 27 March 2015. The event was about entrepreneurship at different stages and from different perpectives. Four young entrepreneurs shared their stories and their experiences with us. Furthermore, Jack Lang, a serial enterpreneu and co-founder of Artimi, shared his story about the Rasperry PI foundation. At the end of the event, a panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Nicos Nicolaou, Capital Chair for Mid-Market Economics at Warwick Business School.