Automatic, Multi-Grained elasticity-provisioning for the cloud

Auto Scaling Resources is one of the top obstacles and opportunities for cloud computing: consumers can minimize the execution time of their tasks without exceeding a given budget. Cloud providers maximise their financial gain while keeping their customers satisfied and minimizing administrative costs. Many systems claim to offer adaptive elasticity, yet the “throttling” is usually performed manually, requiring the user to figure out the proper scaling conditions. In order to harvest the benefits of elastic provisioning, it is imperative that it be performed in an automated, fully customizable manner. CELAR delivers a fully automated and highly customisable system for elastic provisioning of resources in cloud computing platforms.

The public release of the CELAR Cloud Application Elasticity Platform is officially available. The Platform allows the user to define deployments of their complex multi-tier distributed application, specify the application specific elasticity constraints and actions to fulfil them, provide the application custom monitoring probes, provision the application on Clouds with one button click and finally let the CELAR Platform to manage and control the scalability lifecycle domain of the application. The release notes can be found at:


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